From the earliest stage of developing and planning up to the produced film – we offer you any services regarding commercials! Naturally, we also provide director’s interpretations for existing concepts and realize them in a joined process with you, our clients. Doing so, we do not merely describe the advertised product. With clever storytelling, we create a world in which the product is authentically embedded. To achieve this, we work with directors and authors of different cultural backgrounds and with diverse artistic biographies, enabling us to find fitting solutions for any campaign and communication goal. To realize and produce the ideas in different lengths and formats, we start thinking modularly from the very beginning. This ensures that you can use the resulting versions in a target oriented way for various platforms: From TVCs and social-media clips to viral videos, we satisfy any of your wishes! You can find further information regarding our services in the commercial segment here.
Whether image-, product- or exhibition film, explanatory video, motion graphics or 3D animation: To sharpen the corporate identity of your organization, enterprise or brand, we offer creative solutions for different demands. Strategic movies for internal corporate communication, target-oriented recruiting films and public or nonpublic presentation videos are also part of our repertoire. Of course, we particularly care for your production value in the corporate sector. That is, we ensure that various versions - slightly differing in style and length - can be realized and produced by starting to think modularly from the very beginning. As a result, the finished films are suitable for various purposes and occasions and you can use them on several platforms. You can find further information regarding our services in the corporate segment here.
In the event sector we work on projects across the spectrum: From cultural and social, to scientific and political events as well as sports and corporate events – the Founders are experienced with shooting at concerts, festivals and fairs, at seminars, workshops and panels, as wells as at adventure camps and corporate events. Depending on your wishes, we produce reports, documentations or TV contributions. We specifically focus on working with editors and creative producers who thematically fit to your project. Since our specialists accompany the productions from the conception and planning phase up until the very end, we can guarantee that your wishes are acknowledged even with respect to specific details. You can find further information regarding our services in the event segment here.
In the fiction sector we offer diverse services: From music videos to series and short movies – we share our expertise for the conception, planning and realization of different sorts of creative projects. We are particularly experienced in developing short series formats. Regardless of whether it’s for YouTube or other social media channels, irrespective of whether the focus is cultural or commercial – for you, our clients, we produce creative content for several platforms with different topics. And depending on your wishes, we go beyond video productions. We also develop concepts that are applicable on other digital or analog communication mediums, for instance on smartphones, advertising panels or in supermarkets. You can find further information regarding our services in the fiction segment here.

Orff-Zentrum München

The Orff-Zentrum-Munich (OZM) is a national institute founded to preserve the legacy of famous german composer Carl Orff. On the occasion of the institutes 25th anniversary in 2015, Founders Reserve Media produced a 30-minute documentary, which presents vivid impressions of the OZM's work and duties. The documentary primarily focuses on interviews with contemporary witnesses and longtime companions of Orff among other famous guests from the music and musicology spheres. The film was shot in Austria and Germany and will be available on a DVD with many special features and bonus material presenting e.g. one of the few last living and still working students of Carl Orff. As part of a campaign executed by Founders Reserve Media, the documentation consists of several modular clips that form the bonus section of the DVD. They can also be watched separately on all online channels of the Orff-Zentrum. In the course and as a result of this project, the Founders started to manage the client's entire moving picture communications.


Find all other videos on the Orff-Zentrum Munich's YouTube channel:

Documentary of the 25th anniversary of the Orff-Zentrum Munich


Client Orff-Zentrum München
Produktionsleitung & Redaktion Robert Zahn
Kamera Jerome Gemander, Esperanza Rivera Vollmer, Thomas Marzusch, Marc Ohlmeyer,
Alexander Mair, Jürgen Thelen, Alvaro Schauder
VFX Oliver Kochs
Sounddesign Christian Heinemann, Die Tonburg
Editing Jérôme Gemander, Robert Zahn
Postproduktion Founders Reserve Media