Founders Reserve Media is a film production company based in Berlin and Munich. After founding the company in 2011 in Munich, we established a second office in Berlin in 2014. Our films breathe the young creative temper of the Prenzlauer Berg as well as the legendary professional spirit of the Bavaria Film Studios.

Our team produces not only classical commercials for TV and cinema, but also image films, animations, motion graphics and every other media product needed to help our client’s internal and external communication. Reports, documentations and fictional formats also belong to our portfolio.

From conception phase to finished movie, we offer any service necessary. Doing so, we particularly care to satisfy our clients’ needs with respect to two aspects:

First, the satisfaction of our clients. Our network of experienced authors, directors and creative producers enables us to offer experts that perfectly fit to the project they accompany. This guarantees ideal monitoring of the project with regards to both the creativity and content side as well as the technical production side of projects.

Second, the wallet of our clients. To maximize the production value, we start thinking modularly as soon as we start working on a project. If needed, we produce several versions from any idea, so that our clients can use distinct versions for varying purposes and different platforms.

For a more detailed description of our services and strengths, please take a look at the respective sites of our four film categories COMMERCIAL, CORPORATE, EVENT und FICTION.


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