Event film und documentary in Munich and Berlin

Our offers

You are planning an event and want it to be documented? Regarding event films, the Founders are your experts in Munich, Berlin, and elsewhere in Germany. For you, our clients, we produce documentaries, reports and other kinds of TV-contributions, accompanying all sorts of events. We are experienced in covering cultural and scientific events, with events in sports or business contexts as well as with political events.



Our strengths

Particularly for documentaries and other event films, thematic and technical expertise is crucial: Which detail needs to be highlighted? Which camera angle offers the best impression? Which moments are ideal to cover audience reactions? We offer this expertise by working together with authors and creative directors that are excited about your event and who thematically fit to your project.


Additionally, our specialists accompany your project from the very beginning. Starting with the conceptional and planning phase we work together with you closely, on a foundation of trust, until the project is completed. This way, we manage to incorporate your wishes even with respect to specific details.



Our speciality

For event films, we also care for your production value from the very start, thinking modularly from the earliest conception and planning phase. Depending on your needs, this enables us to produce several film versions. These versions slightly differ in style, length and format, enabling you to use the finished event film in a target oriented way for different purposes and on several platforms.



Our portfolio

If you want to convince yourself of our expertise in all aspects surrounding event films, please take a look through a selection of our documentaries, reports and TV-contributions covering events in sports, cultural, political or business contexts – in Munich, Berlin and elsewhere in Germany.